Pink Lips from Hate Story 2 has over 1 million Views

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The Baby Doll team gives us yet another chart buster this monsoon. Sunny Leone is seen shaking to the song ‘Pink Lips’ composed by Meet brothers and choreographed by Uma-Gaiti. After a huge response from Baby Doll, there was a lot of pressure on Uma- Gaiti to deliver something bigger and better and they have done justice to this as well. Since Sunny was constantly shooting for a reality show, Uma- Gaiti had to send their assistants to Jaipur to help Sunny rehearse due to time constraint.

Sunny is seen wearing six different outfits which sensually suit her persona while she grooves to the new dance moves in Pink Lips. This is the second time that the Uma-Gaiti will be choreographing Sunny after their hit stint Baby Doll. The promotional song is for the movie Hate Story 2 produced by T-series and sung by debut singer Khushbo Grewal.

Uma – Gaiti seem extremely excited after the Pink Lips teaser hit 1 million likes within 3 days, “Its been an absolute pleasure to put Pink Lips together. We have choreographed Baby Doll with Sunny so with Pink lips the process got easier. We had a better tuning this time and would get eachother faster. In a shoot environment this really helps. Apart for the work equation with Sunny the song is extremely close to our heart as we have been involved in this making and all other creative aspects of it. Sunny was running a tight schedule we had sent our assistants to Jaipur for her to learn the steps. Pink lips was a huge challenge as it was being pitted against Baby Doll. We wrapped up 6 sets in a record time of 2 days. Kudos to the team and Sunny.”

The song is all set to make a fresh wave and top the chart of the year.

If you have missed it check it out!

We also have some cool shots from the set!



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