Pooja Kumar Talks About Her Bollywood Hero

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American actress Pooja Kumar recently spoke about her role in Bollywood Hero, a three-part mini-series that sees Saturday Night Live’s Chris Kattan go to Mumbai to play the part of a colonial officer in a period movie and whilst he’s there he starts to get involved in some of the social wrongs that cross his path – and of course falls in love. The series also stars Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia.

The former Miss India USA was asked what it was like working with Chris. “This was Chris’s 2nd trip to India and he loves the culture and people,” she says, “Chris fell in love with it. He was so open to it all. He totally accepted the fourteen hour days, the extremely hard conditions caused by the heat and the constant traffic. He was amazing to work with.”

Pooja, who majored in Political Science and Finance, enjoyed her experience in India too. “I never thought I would be doing something in Bollywood, but I am so excited because I love to do comedy and this project really helped me to bring that out,” she explains, “The Bombay shoot was amazing. It changed my life. It made me realize just how lucky I am.” Pooja’s next project is Bollywood Beats with Sachin Bhatt and Lillette Dubey about a down-and-out dancer who tries to rebuild his life by starting a dance school.

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