Prachi Desai Plays it Tough

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Prachi Desai joins Kangana Ranaut, Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi in the gangster epic Once Upon A Time in Mumbai. “The film is about Mumbai in the 70s,” she explains, “I am playing a young Muslim girl in the film.” She is not worried about playing a mature character in the movie in contrast to her girl-next-door image from television’s Kasamh Se. “On television you are known for your screen image but in films people connect more with your real image. I play lots of young roles, but this does not mean I am not open to serious roles.”

Prachi has commented that one of the main differences between TV and Film is that on a soap opera, a critical opinion may take weeks or months to develop but with movies it’s all over on the day of release. “While a film is planned, shot and edited months in advance, all that it takes is a single Friday to decide if the film will succeed at the box office or not. Not just that, the same Friday also happens to be the day that decides the fate of the actor from that movie on until her next film is released.”

The Rock On actress is rapidly broadening her appeal and has been made the brand ambassador for the launch of Neutrogena skin-care products in India. “The arrival of Neutrogena in the Indian market is going to be a gift for thousands of consumers who have waited long for products that really work,” she says.

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