Prachi Desai rocks!

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Now that Prachi Desai has made the leap from TV to Bollywood, it looks like she may never go back. “I don’t know when I will go back to TV,” she says, “If my films don’t do well, I will have to go back. But right now I’m doing films and I hope it takes me somewhere.”

Prachi was grateful that her mother was with her every step of the way during the making of Rock On. She apparently stayed in her trailer and the director was happy because unlike some mothers on set, she never tried to interfere with the production in any way. For Prachi, however, it was a bonus. The pretty young actress freely admits she knows nothing about rock music so when the guys – led by Farhan Akhtar – started talking endlessly about the scene, she could escape to her trailer to talk to her mum. Both of Prachi’s parents were teachers and now that she is a star, she is pleased that she is able to pay them back a little for all their time and attention when she was young.

She knows that as a ‘star’ she has to look the part by appearing in public in expensive dresses and so on, but is determined that this should not be central to her happiness. The sensible young woman is aware that it could disappear overnight.

Prachi can also be seen sporting a look in Rock On that’s very different to that of Bani in the soap opera ‘Kasamh Se’ on TV. How does she feel about that? “I have done nothing to my looks in the film. It was all Abhishek’s vision – the director. It was all that he wanted me to do in the film and all thanks to the people who have worked on my styling. I just had to carry the character,” she explains.

The 20-year-old actress has other projects lined up including Life Partner which will also star Govinda and Genelia D’Souza.

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