Praise for Preity in Mehta’s ‘Heaven on Earth’

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After a grand TIFF premiere, Deepa Mehta’s Heaven on Earth starring Preity Zinta (who just won an award for her performance) has stunned Canadian audiences after its release on October 24th. Although the film has received mixed reviews, the cast has been unanimously praised. Bollyspice has compiled a series of quotes from some of the reviews praising our very own Preity Zinta and her co-star Vansh Bhardwaj!

“Bollywood star Zinta and her Canadian co-star Bhardwaj are nothing short of genius, given the inherent challenges of the script…” – The Vancouver Sun

“Bollywood star Preity Zinta turns in a remarkably multi-layered, dramatic turn as Chand. While we immediately sympathize and empathize with the plight of her character, Zinta demands more by trying to deepen the characterization.” – Bruce Kirkland, Sun Media

“Zinta poignantly plays against the “cool-chick” persona for which she is renowned on the Bollywood circuit…” –

“Zinta’s performance here is a revelation, infusing her role with surprising depth and pathos.” – Will Sloan

“Actors Zinta and Bhardwaj bring depth to characters that could easily have slipped into stereotypes. Newcomer Bhardwaj is particularly impressive, since Rocky is far from a sympathetic figure.” – Peter Howell, The Toronto Star

“[Chand is] beautifully created by Preity Zinta who grows with the role that few her age could master…” – JWR

“Zinta, who appears in nearly every scene, undertakes a stunning psychological transformation.” – Peter Debruge, Variety

“Preity Zinta is the soul and strength of the film…her performance is the epitome of sincerity…she brings an innate strength to Chand. She delivers the performance she will be remembered by for the rest of her life!” –

“She [Zinta] conveys a crushing mixture of optimism and fear in such subtle doses it’s hard to believe the actress got her start in the shout-your-emotions world of Bollywood.” – Barry Hertz, National Post

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