Prateik and Arya Babbar duke it out

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A name means a quite a bit in the Hindi film industry and one-namers are always in style. The most recent one namer is newcomer Prateik, formerly Prateik Babbar. He flew under the radar in his debut film, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, but his most recent film, Dhobi Ghat caught the entire industry’s attention. Underplayed good looks and a fresh face make him the new Bollywood media

However, all the publicity seems to be coming between Prateik and his father’s side of the family. After Prateik commented that Abhishek Bachchan was like an older brother to him, real life brother Arya Babbar is angry that Prateik has forgotten his ties with his family.

While many see this enmity as a continuation of the Babbar/Bachchan rivalry, father Raj Babbar has faith in his family and his sons. He comments, “If Prateik wishes to be known without a surname it doesn’t take away from his identity as my son. Nothing can change that.” As for Arya’s outburst, Raj Babbar says, “That was a hurt brother reacting.”

Juhi Babbar speculates that whoever is handling Prateik’s publicity has purposefully caused a rift between the brothers for media attention. “I wonder who’s influencing and planning his PR activity, it is most unlike Prateik to be so manipulative!”

With so many family members intervening and speaking out publicly it is easy to see how this possible media stunt may have worked. In any case, the victims, here, are the Babbar brother. Once very close friends, we hope for a speedy reconciliation.

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