Predictions Results for Star Screen Awards

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The results are in and the statues have been given for the 14th Annual Star Screen Awards. Before the awards a few of our journalists here at Bollyspice shared who we thought would win and Razeen predicted who he thought would actually win. So how did we do? We thought we would look at each category and tally up how close we were.

Best Film: Well evidently the voters did not read our article because only one of us got this one right and that was Eman. Razeen’s first prediction for the winners did not go so well.

Best Director: Five of us (Aly, Sara, Prathna, Sandy and Stacey) did well for this category. Since we wanted Aamir to win we got this one half right and Razeen got the other half with his guess of Shimit Amin.

Best Actor: Razeen predicted this one correct as well along with Aly, Sara and Sandy.

Best Actress: The streak continued for Razeen with his guess of Kareena Kapoor and Prathna, Aly, Stacey and Sara agreed.

Best Jodi: Sadly, whom we said we wanted to win was certainly wrong but Razeen certainly was right!

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: This was unanimous among our journalist as to who we wanted to win and we were correct. Sadly Razeen ended his run of correct predictions with this category.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Only Sandy was right for her choice of who should win this award, the Chak De! India girls.

Best Actor in a Negative Role: Well we all failed for this category, better brush up on who makes a good villain.

Best Actor in A Comedy Role: Prahtna and Eman were right to single out Irrfan Khan’s role in Life… In a Metro as the best comedic performance, the rest of us and Govinda well better luck next time.

Most promising Newcomer (Male): We did well with this one with 5 of our 6 journalists being right for who deserved to win this award. Razeen’s prediction was spot on as well.

Most promising Newcomer (Female): This one was divided half and half for each actress with Razeen breaking the tie to have Deepika come out the winner. He and Prathna, Sandy and Aly were right to choose the OSO beauty.

Best Child Artiste: We were unanimous in our choice for who should and would win and happily for us and Darsheel we were correct!

Best Music: A hard category to decide upon and we all got this one wrong.

Best Playback Singer (Male): Another big zero for our team!

Best Playback Singer (Female): Razeen predicted this one right, the rest of us not so good!

Finally we have Best Choreography:
Aly, Sandy and Razeen came out on top along with Farah to win this category.

So overall the Bollyspice journalists did pretty well, with most of us getting at least 6 categories correct. The final tally for Razeen’s predictions: an excellent 9 out of 16! We hope you have enjoyed reading our choices and results! Stay tuned for our next Award feature were we will all try to predict who is going to win!

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