Preity Tweets Through Incarceration and Celebration

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Preity Zinta doesn’t let anything stop her from enjoying her life, even a scary moment in an airport restroom. The bubbly actress recently let her Twitter followers in on a bit of a fright she’d just had: she couldn’t get out of her locked stall for ten minutes! Without a phone, she couldn’t contact anyone to ask for help. In the end, resourceful Preity clambered over the wall to get out of her brief entrapment. It would have been nerve-wracking for an average woman, but the incident was a little more difficult for her, since she suffers from claustrophobia.

Still, by 30 January Preity was recovered and ready to celebrate her 35th birthday in style. She kept her fans included in her special day with a steady stream of tweets. From playfully musing about why only Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and she continue to age among their contemporaries, to preparing a full-on Indian birthday meal, to teasing about upcoming projects in 2010, the actress-cum-businesswoman let her admirers feel they were a part of her celebrations. With no mainstream releases in theaters since 2008’s Heroes, we’ll take any Preity we can get, but here’s hoping we see her on the big screen in a lead role soon!

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