Preity Zinta is being honoured in Venice during the 68th Venice film festival

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Preity Zinta will be awarded with the “World Diamond Group Platinum Award for Peoples’ Friendship” at the Venice Film Festival. Ms. Zinta will be in Venice on the 3rd and 4th of September.

World Diamond Group established the prize to be awarded during the 68th Venice Film Festival, in the context of the event Kineo “Diamanti al Cinema” event, to emphasize the belief in art as a privileged means to establish, together with respect for justice and human rights, true and lasting friendship relationships among peoples. The first “World Diamond Group Platinum Award for Peoples’ Friendship ” has been awarded to actress Preity Zinta, who engaged in the work of peoples of different cultures harmonization and reconciliation, contributing in this way to the World Diamond Group mission of enhancing, through beauty and peoples’ friendship to the birth of a culture and a civilization that over time produce peace and prosperity.

The award is symbolized by a sculpture, the “White Olive Tree”, born of a quest for purity, created by the artist and theologian Agatino Cappella, Art Director of World Diamond Group. It consists of a block of Carrara hand carved marble for the tree trunk, 3,333 grams of platinum for branches and leaves, and of 3,003 diamonds, 2,503 marquise cut and 500 new 82 facets round cut, for a total of 366 carats. It’s a a work of art which has no precedent in history, carried out, under the direction of the artist Agatino Cappella, in the Factory of Roberto Casarotto, where the fusion and the processing of platinum were performed.

Why the olive tree? Because it is a tree that brings together different cultures around the Mediterranean
sea, and is widespread in many countries around the world. It has always been a symbol of peace and light and its oil is one of the most common foods of the Mediterranean peoples and, more recently, in the world. These symbols are emphasized by platinum, the precious white metal par excellence, expression of purity, incorruptibility, eternity, by diamonds, expression of eternal light, and by the marble, expression of a new Italian Renaissance. A worthy tribute to the women of our time who, confronted with important choices, keep intact their belief in the values and quality.

After being shown at the Venice Film Festival, the “White Olive Tree” will be exhibited at Palazzo Lascaris in Turin, before starting a world tour, in other prestigious venues.

In other Preity news we hear she will be starting a new film soon, titled Ishq in Paris, but more on that later so stay tuned for more!

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