Preity Zinta losing her touch?

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How can one not love Preity Zinta? From her gorgeous looks to her ‘bubbly’ personality to her several eclectic performances over the years, she has won the hearts of many. She is a fabulous actress who deserves nothing but praises… or does she?

Sure, the sweet and endearing Preity had much to go into raptures over. Her fine performances in films such as Sangharsh, Kya Kehna, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, and Dil Hai Tumhaara proved Ms. Zinta as a performer to watch out for. Not only was she a beauty, she knew what she was capable of. Be it a CBI officer, the masoom little girl neglected by society, a dreamer prostitute, or the mischievous adopted daughter; each performance was nothing less than solid. But it’s the movies like Kal Ho Naa Ho, Veer-Zaara, Salaam Namaste, and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna that have put her in the top three best actress’ category. Why you ask? Two names: Yashraj and Dharma Productions. Despite her lack of expressions in Kal Ho Naa Ho or her torturous howling in Salaam Namaste, the fact of a matter is, popular productions and a large budget will increase your fame whether you’re talented or not.

What has been so captivating about any of Preity’s recent performances other than glamour? Not a thing. The harsh truth is that it is the big banners that have been uplifting her career sky-high. It’s a shame the more fame she receives the less her acting improves. Personally, I have been a fan ever since I first laid eyes on her in Dil Se. However, any avid moviegoer will tell you Preity is losing her touch. Has Preity broken down? Let’s take her latest project for example: the dominating masala flick, Jaan-e-mann. It’s amusing how a good number of critics have given her recognition for being the cynosure of two men and playing her part with charm. Come on, what is that? Each compliment directed towards the woman has been based on her graceful appearance but we don’t hear about the ordinary, usual “Preity Zinta acting.”

There’s no doubt our glamour lady is gradually becoming the fashion icon of the industry; but it seems as if her age is finally starting to catch up with her ordinary performances. The same insecure college student we saw in Kal Ho Na Ho has altered from the medical student in Salaam Namaste in quite a wrinkly appearance. Girl, let’s face it, the days of hoping around and dancing to love songs in college are way gone. There is no need to try and play a comeback on them for any reason. Of course, no personally offence taken to Ms. Zinta and her fan club, however, fewer teenaged roles and more soulful performances would be greatly appreciated!

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