Preity Zinta Moves on from Ness

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Very recently, BollySpice reported that Preity Zinta-Ness Wadia have apparently gone their separate ways. As a quick reminder, the couple had been seeing one another for over 5 years. Not only had the pair been in a romantic association but a business one too. However, the duo had grown apart and while they continue to remain business partners, they are no longer romantically involved. But don’t expect Zinta to be sitting in a corner wailing over her heartbreak. P.Z. knows better than that.

According to sources, Zinta has quickly found solace in the arms of hotelier-businessman-model Vikram Chatwal. While previously Chatwal has dated some of the “hottest models” around the world, he married model Priya Sachdev only for his marriage to recently fall apart. The broken-hearted pair are said to have a fabulous chemistry and get along like “a house on fire.” At the recent Lakme Fashion Week, Chatwal got together with international model Naomi Campbell to hold the Mai Mumbai Show. The rumor mills worked overtime as an evidently excited Preity loudly cheered on Chatwal when he walked the ramp. Not only did they “hang out” together throughout the show, but were seen within close proximity of one another at an after party too.

When Preity walked into the show without her ex-beau by her side, eyewitnesses raised their eyebrows. It was obvious at that point that the Zinta-Wadia love angle was clearly over. Chatwal, on the other hand, had very recently admitted to a popular publication that he was thoroughly enjoying his “single status.” However, clearly the duo have found great company in one another and are assisting each other in mending their broken hearts.

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