Preity Zinta Takes a Dip

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It happened whilst Preity was filming for Har Pal along the North-West Frontier. The roads to the shoot were so bad that the director hired a helicopter to take the experienced actress to the site each day. One day the chopper lost height so dramatically that it had to make a forced landing on the lake – luckily it was fitted with floaters and it landed safely – but what if it hadn’t been? Preity was reported as having been shaken but not stirred by the adventure.

Meanwhile, Preity’s career is far from taking a dip with strong critical support for her performance in The Last Lear alongside Amitabh Bachchan, her astonishing role in Deepa Mehta’s Heaven on Earth (everyone must see that one, believe me) and her upcoming onscreen cameo with Salman Khan in Heroes that will be released at Diwali.

She talks amusingly now about how her co-star in Heaven on Earth mistimed a slap in rehearsals so that it became real. “The new actor [Vansh Bhardwaj] plays my abusive husband. He gave me one phtaak, and for a moment or two, it felt like a train, a submarine and a plane were rushing through my mind. I completely froze in front of twenty techicians. I told him later that if it ever happened again, I would probably kill him!” she says with a smile on her face

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