Preity Zinta talks ‘Ishkq In Paris’

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Preity Zinta’s much awaited Ishkq in Paris, which was to release in 2012, is now finally releasing on 24th May. The delay in the release was due to her director Prem Raj’s ill health.

“There was no other reason to delay the release. Prem was very sick and he had a surgery. He is not just a director for me but a very close friend too. I would not release the film without him. You cannot always take decisions commercially, they have to be human decisions too,” she stated.

Although the delay did affect her financially, Preity said she could afford it. Also, there had been rumours about the film not having buyers. Clearing the air about these reports, Preity said,” I never pay heed to such rumours. The only way I can prove myself is by doing good work and I focus on that. I will be producing again and do better work.”

She also expressed her delight about Ishkq in Paris being a solo release. “Every producer aims at a solo release. It is a part of your planning as a producer and I am so happy about this,” she grinned.

Talking about the promotions and publicity of the film, Preity said that they are planning city tours and other creative ideas. But she is not sure of Salman Khan’s involvement in the promotions. “Salman is in the film but he is not the main character,” she added.

Directed by Prem Raj, the film features Rhehan Malliek and Isabelle Adjani. Here is the theatrical promo of the film for all you Bolly lovers!

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