Preity Zinta: This is my year!

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Preity Zinta’s career is on a roll and now she wants to make sure it is filled with many new and different roles. In life and work she is ready for a change and says that 2007 is her year.

“This year is very different for me. Rituda was just brilliant in casting me in the The Last Lear where I flaunt a Bengali look. I felt quite odd wearing such a big bindi and that completely changed my look. I wore jhumkas, saree and that’s not the usual Preity you know,” she said.

Adding, “And now I want to have a new face. This is my year. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. I want to do things my heart wants to do. So, am going ahead with some radically different roles.”

The other thing important to her right now is her role as a champion for women’s causes. “I want to do something substantial for things close to my heart. India is a young country and education is important. There are lots of young mothers who can be made aware about hygiene, HIV, etc. They could take care of a generation ahead, if they are properly educated. My biggest concern is female infanticide in the north of India. If this practice continues, the future generations are going to be devoid of women. We notice so many sexually-inclined crimes and they are on the rise because men to women proportion has been, over the years, de-stabilised badly.”

This is something she is very passionate about and continued on by saying, “When I was young, my dad had told me, ‘In life, try everything once. But don’t get pushed in it.’ I realised that when I was young. But in life, we all make different choices. What is unfortunate is that in our country, women do not have choices. They are paraded from the kitchen to the bedroom. Even in Mumbai, perhaps opening of dance bars can bring down the crime rate of women-related crimes.”

We look forward to seeing her performance in Har Pal opposite Shiney Ahuja and then to each new and different role this wonderful actress will be giving us in the future.

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