Preview Movie: Tell Me O Kkhuda

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The Universe provides succour to everyone born under its nourishing space. An apparently less privileged person will still find room to adjust his needs according to the available resources. At the same time, the Universe responds to the needs of the individual if only he/she can show a genuine expression of his/her needs and works towards making it a reality. Whether she understood this law of the Universe or not, little Tanya brought up in the secure and contented environment of a loving family decides to chart an unpredictable course all with the intention of locating her biological parents.

Why, one may ask should she leave the cocoon of luxury and comfort and embark on a turbulent journey to seek her roots. Tell Me O Kkhuda gives a most plausible reason for Tanya to chase her near impractical dreams and what follows is an array of dramatic and dangerous escapades into the wilds of Turkey, the deserts of Rajasthan and the carnival crazy Goa.

Tell Me O Kkhuda takes one on a roller-coaster ride to the hopes and despair of Tanya. As befitting a young girl of her age and temperament, Tanya does not lose sight of a flash of romance that hits her way well before this aruduous journey and continues to draw inspiration and strength from this romantic association during the search. A film, emotional, adventurous and classy, Tell Me O Kkhuda will make one sit up and realise that the life of a young girl is indeed a tapestry of colour, courage, quest and an achievement to cop with it all.

Tell Me O Kkhuda encircles around a girl Tanya played by Esha Deol who will be in search of her father, how and where she finds him, what all happens in this process is all about the movie to be waited and watched.

It is said that Esha has been trained for kick boxing since two years for the movie and also she would be seen in camel race sequence in the movie.

Starring Esha Deol, Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor, Arjan Bajwa, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Sudhanshu Pandey, Dharmendra, Farooq Sheikh, Hema Malini, Deepti Naval, Johny Lever, Gurbachan, Madhoo

Directed by Hema Malini
Written By Hema Malini
Screenplay by Mayur Puri, Anand Vardhan and Alka Puri.
Produced by H M Creations

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