Princess Minissha of the Catwalk

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Minissha Lamba looked and felt like a princess promenading for designer Ranna Gll on the final day of Wills Lifestyle International Fashion Show. “Those 40 seconds on the ramp made me feel like a princess,” she said. Minissha looked supremely confident in a showstopping brown chiffon gown but this hid the way she felt inside. “Every time I’m here, I just pray that I can walk on the ramp in a straight line,” she explained, “I tell myself don’t look left or right, walk slowly, maintain a pace, your clothes might get caught in your shoes, you might flip. It’s nerve wracking and I give kudos to the models who do it and for the way they do it.”

Minissha, who has won plaudits for her role in Well Done Abba, is keen to appear in a range of different films. “I feel, as an entertainer, I need to work constantly to make a mark in the industry,” she said, “But I do not want to limit my potential to one particular genre and want to act in different film genres like action, comedy, romcom movies etc.”

Kashmiri-born Minissha is currently working alongside Tushar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade in the upcoming comedy flick, Hum Tum Aur Shabana. “Well Done Abba is a political satire and Hum Tum Aur Shabana is an out-and-out comedy,” she explained, “These are all the films I have for now, but hopefully there should be more.”

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