Pritam talks Pyar Ki Pungi!

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Gone are the days when any average song would grab the attention of its listeners. What they need today is something out of the ordinary. And trust the ever-so-versatile Pritam Chakraborty to churn out the best in all genres of music. The contemporary, foot tapping music of Agent Vinod exemplifies why he is one of the most loved music composers today. Now, Pritam shows off his fun and naughty side with Agent Vinod’s latest song ‘Pyar Ki Pungi’.

As the name suggests, the song is humorous and extremely catchy. “One of the basic reasons of liking this number is the fact that it is a fun filled song. The song plays in the background during one of the scenes in Agent Vinod. Amitabh Bhattacharya came up with this fantastic hook ‘Pyar ki pungi’ which I am sure could be the next popular phrase among the youngsters,” says Pritam.

 “Pungi is a musical instrument which is predominantly audible in the song. Hence, the name. The shehnai piece was also extensively used which was later layered with trumpet. It’s a 6/8 song. Instead of making the musical treatment Indian, I kept it more darabuka, conga and claps oriented. So all in all, it is an out an out entertaining and crazy song,” continues Pritam.

The song wasn’t initially scheduled to be a part of the film, but CCTV cameras on set caught Saif pulling of some insane dance moves.  It was then decided to incorporate the song in the film as a mad number. A few moments of fun turned into a song which is now trending all over.

You have seen the video now see what went on behind the scenes!


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