Priyanka Chopra & Cosmetic Surgery

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It’s likely to be a long time before Priyanka Chopra needs to access the services of her mother’s new business, because Madhu Chopra is about to open a cosmetic surgery clinic. Can Priyanka confirm that she has never gone under the surgeon’s knife herself? “Seriously, if I had gone through cosmetic surgery I’d happily admit it,” she says, “There’s nothing wrong with it. But the fact is, what has happened to me is not surgery. It’s polishing. When I came into the business, I was raw and inexperienced about diet, work-outs, makeup. Over a period of time I’ve understood my body, face and mind. That shows in my appearance and performances.”

Priyanka has a busy schedule ahead of her for 2009 and is looking forward to it. “First out is Kaminay with Shahid Kapur where audiences will get to see me in a completely different look and role. Then there’s What’s Your Raashee? with Harman Baweja which is challenging the hell out of me. Next I go into Pyar Impossible with Uday Chopra. That I think would be easier than Raashee.” In Rashee, Priyanka has to play twelve different roles.

Priyanka Chopra was thrilled at winning the Best Actress Award for her role in Fashion at the Star Screen Awards and there was no way she was going to give it away. “The last time I got an award it was for my performance in Aitraaz. But that was not for best actress. So yeah, I’m thrilled,” she confirmed.

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