Priyanka Chopra duo with Pitbull

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13mar_Priyanka-PitbullLast year there was rumours going on about Priyanka Chopra singing with Pitbull and now it’s confirmed. PC has taken to the world with her singing releasing her first single In My City and her 2nd Erase and now is quite busy these days working on her next single. Currently, PC is in Miami working on a musical collaboration with rapper Pitbull called Exotic. Initially the collaboration with Pitbull will be her 2nd release from her album.

“Whilst PC records her part, Pitbull will join her after he performs at the Indian Premier League (IPL)” says a source. Even though PC is juggling films on one side she still wanted to keep up to date with her music career as she felt it’s needed for her to discover herself beyond the point of her previous songs.

PC is already topping the charts with her first single and now pairing up with international sensation Pitbull, it’s sure to make the climb to the top easier.

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