Priyanka Chopra forgets her lines

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Whilst on set filming for Zanjeer, 17 retakes were taken for the scene where Ram Charan introduces Priyanka as his girlfriend to Sher Khan, played by Sanjay Dutt, because Priyanka forgot her lines in the presence of Dutt. She is such a huge fan of Sanjay, that it was her who insisted that he be casted for the role. She was in such awe that she completely blanked out when the time came to acting opposite him and she forgot all her lines for the scene.

After many shots, and when Priyanka finally got it all right, it turned out to be a fun joke on set where Dutt was having a laugh himself and forgot his own lines.

Dutt is said to be doing so well in his role that Apoorva is adding a song and more fight scenes even though 60% of the film is done.

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