Priyanka Chopra Rubbishes Marriage Rumors!

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Despite nonstop rumors that the Chopra’s are on the lookout for a groom for Priyanka Chopra, the actress maintains that she is not ready to tie the knot just yet. “It’s actually quite amusing how much momentum this particular rumor has gathered. But it’s completely ridiculous. Of course, like any girl I’d want to be married some day but for god’s sake I’m only in my 20s and for an actress that’s like being a teenager,” Priyanka told a popular publication. Rumors were abuzz when the actress supposedly gave her parents the green signal to marriage and thus, the Chopra’s were said to be on the prowl for a boy.

The actress admits her parents would like her to be wed and settle down but she has no real need to do so just now. “My parents have been wanting me to be married since I was born and have been coaxing me since I was old enough to understand the concept; like any normal Punjabi family,” the actress explained. She went on to explain that she doesn’t plan her life and so, has no clue when she intends on marrying.

That said, she did go on to explain that she has no qualms in the background of her future husband. “I have no fixed notions on who or what he will be! All I know is that he should keep me happy and love me for all I am. It has to be someone who is secure in his own skin,” she said. But being an actress doesn’t help as she is constantly surrounded by like-minded actors and this makes it “difficult” to find a match.

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