Priyanka Chopra sets a dangerous example

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Fun-loving Priyanka Chopra set a dangerous example for her co-star Uday Chopra when she jumped from a four-story set frame into a 40ft swimming pool. Unfortunately, Uday felt he had to follow and hurt his hand in the process. “Priyanka jumped from a four-storey flip board into a 40 feet swimming pool while she was shooting in Bangkok for Pyaar Impossible,” said a source, “It wasn’t a part of the movie shoot but just for fun.”

Priyanka is sympathetic to the role played by Uday in the movie. He is portrayed as a geek who falls in love with a beautiful woman. Amazingly, the woman who is now adored by millions, if not billions, claims to have been a geek herself at school. “When I was in the eighth standard in school in the US, I was a complete geek,” she confirmed.

Meanwhile, Priyanka has finished shooting for What’s Your Rashee? with Harman Baweja. After the 100-day shoot, the two were seen partying together at the end-of-wrap party. “Harman and Priyanka were together on the dance floor,” said a source, “Both of them greeted each other cordially. There was no awkwardness between them. In fact the duo, though at a distance, were enjoying dancing on the floor.” Priyanka is currently said to be dating Shahid Kapoor, or is it Gerard Butler, or perhaps Aseem Merchant……This is a girl who likes to live dangerously and to have some fun!

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