Priyanka Chopra signs a deal with UTV

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Priyanka Chopra has signed a deal with UTV Motion Pictures that she will make 3 films for the production company. She is the second actress to get such a deal from the company. Kangna Ranaut was the first and she so far has made Life in a…Metro with them. Though UTV is saying that Chopra’s deal is a one-of-a kind and the first for a leading lady, these types of deals are usually made for male actors. In fact, earlier, both Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan were offered multiple film contracts but neither of those panned out.

Ram Mirchandani, Vice President of UTV discussing the deal said, “Priyanka is today one of the leading superstars and that’s why we thought of signing her for the deal. These three films will be made over a period of four years and she will be present right from the brain storming sessions. We will also discuss what kind of films to make and what genres to target. These kinds of deals are common in Hollywood where the stars, directors and the production house sit together and then decide what films they want to make and that’s what we are trying to replicate in Bollywood.” They expect to be able to announce all the details of her first film for them very soon. Neither UTV or Chopra will say how much the contract is worth but rumor has it that it might be 4-5 crores.

Chopra is very excited at the prospect of making new and different types of films with UTV. She said, “I have always liked the kind of films UTV makes from Rang De Basanti to Metro. I was very keen on working with them when they approached me. The best part of the deal is that I have a say in deciding and finalizing the concept of the film. This is something that not many actors get to do. I think this is the most exciting part as you get to work on the film right from the basics.”

She added, “I loved UTV’s Metro and they seem like a sensible lot of filmmakers. They have given me a lot of flexibility in the deal and we have the intention of doing different cinema but at the same time want to make big and entertaining films, which is the most important part of the deal. I am flattered with all the expectations that filmmakers have from me. I’m humbled with all the accolades coming my way. I hope I live up to these expectations. “

We are sure she will live up to the expectations and cannot wait to see what her new films will be!

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