Priyanka Chopra trains hard for Mary Kom

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With getting back in filming, Priyanka Chopra is training hard and strong for the latest Mary Kom. With lots of training comes lot of muscles but, her trainer doesn’t want PC to gain muscle and lose her femininity even though she plays the role of an Olympic bronze medallist. The film is being directed by Omung Kumar.

Physical trainer Samir Jaura says, “We are working on building her muscles, but I don’t want her to build extra muscles. I want her curves to get the right look, and not ruin the femininity.”  Samir further says that “Priyanka was very close to her father. When he passed away, I thought it will not be easy for her to come out of it, and the film will get delayed. But she is highly professional and she joined back within eight days and started working hard to get the right look,”

We all know PC has had it tough lately but, she’s proven that she’s a strong woman and there is no doubt that she will deliver her best.

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