Priyanka Dyeing for a Change of Style

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The absolutely electric photos of a red-haired Priyanka Chopra in Harry Baweja’s long-awaited sci-fi thriller Love Story 2050, suggest that Indian actresses may soon be fast following in the footsteps of their Hollywood rivals in daring to change their whole look in order to immerse themselves in new roles — perhaps this could start in a whole new trend in Indian society generally.

Speaking of Priyanka’s gorgeous new look, Harry said: “The idea was to have a look that people could imagine and relate to in future. We didn’t want them resembling aliens or looking as if they’ve landed from Star trek. The film is set in the future but it’s not about space travel. It took us six months to zero in on the final look.”

Harman Baweja also stars in the film along with Boman Irani.

Carrying the tagline, “When Love is Eternal even God Bends the Rules”, Love Story 2050 is one of Bollywood’s most expensive movies to date and is set to be this summer’s big blockbuster. Filmed in Adelaide and elsewhere, Priyanka plays a double role in the film — great for her legions of fans — one dark-haired and one red-haired. Boman Irani plays a mad scientist who invents a time machine, which transports Priyanka and Harman to the future. They land in a futuristic Mumbai that has flying cars, holograms, robots and Indian ninjas. It sounds like it’s going to be a stunning project which could carry Bollywood itself into a whole new future.

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