Priyanka gets emotional on the last day of shooting for ‘Fashion’

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Priyanka was recently seen weeping in public. But no, it wasn’t at the premiere of Drona, her fourth flop in a row, it was on the last day of shooting for the movie Fashion. “We’ve been shooting on and off for almost a year now,” said director Madhur Bhandarkar, “As a unit have become very close to each other. We were all very emotional on our last day of shoot. Priyanka actually met each and everyone to say thanks. That was touching!”

These are difficult days for Priyanka. In each of her movies this year, she has performed well and received good reviews but each of them has been a turkey one way or another – her agent really must read the scripts more closely. However, she is optimistic that Fashion will bring some results for her, despite the slight upset on the last day of shooting when striking workers burst into the studio and demanded that Priyanka’s dubbing on the movie should stop. This resulted in a hasty rescheduling for later this month. The film is due out on Oct. 29th so time is tight.

Talking of dubbing, Priyanka will be dubbing the voice of Marjinha in the animated movie, Ali Baba and the 41 Thieves next year – John Abraham will be the voice of Ali Baba. Priyanka also has Dostana due for release on November 14th and we must hope for at least one hit this year on her behalf.

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