Priyanka is Bollywood’s “Shero”

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Priyanka Chopra never fails to amaze. Whether it’s for her celebrated and recognised acting talent, her stunning beauty, or the link-ups with her co-stars, the former Miss World is always making the news. Her most recent release, Pyaar Impossible, was a disappointment somewhat. However, Miss Chopra is quite simply Bollywood’s darling, not just in her fans’ eyes but also for many in the film fraternity – in particular her leading men…

Shah Rukh Khan has openly tweeted about Chopra, naming her a “Shero” and, in every sense of the word; the beauty is truly honoured for such a prestigious tag, “I have been very vocal about my feeling for Shah Rukh Khan. Praise coming from someone I idolise means a lot more to me. I can’t tell you how proud, excited and humbled I am that he called me a ‘Shero’.” Chopra’s Miss World title a decade ago landed her in the Indian film industry and, without a sugar daddy, she has reached heights in her career that many dream of but few actually go on to achieve.

Of late, the award-winning actress has been linked to two of her co-stars, one being the baby-faced Shahid Kapoor. Most recently, it was rumoured the two went on a trip to Goa together. To clarify, the beauty reveals, “It was sheer coincidence that Shahid and I were in Goa at the same time. It was designer Abu Jaani’s 50th birthday. Everyone was there including Shahid, Abhishek, Ash and many more.”

Chopra’s forthcoming film Anjaana Anjaani co-stars Ranbir Kapoor who has been linked with the actress too, following his break-up with Deepika Padukone. Talking about Kapoor, Chopra says, “Ranbir and I have mutual friends but I didn’t know him too well when we left for the Anjaana Anjaani shoot to New York. He is a phenomenal co-actor and keeps you on your toes. As a person, he is super-fun. We were always laughing and joking.”

Despite the numerous link-ups, the actress has and always will remain a firm favourite with her audiences and her co-stars. Anjaana Anjaani is due for release later this year and promises to be another sizzler for Chopra and for Kapoor. One to look forward to!

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