Priyanka Kothari in a Lounge of Lizards in Agyaat

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Pretty Priyanka Kothari found herself sharing room space with the one thing she detests most for eight weeks – a loungeful of lizards – whilst filming RGV’s new horror flick, Agyaat. “I had to live with eight creepy lizards who used to roam around in my room,” she explains, “I can say that I’m braver now. Earlier, I used to be petrified if I used to see even one lizard in my room – but I had so many in close proximity in the same room in the jungle for so long I got used to them.”

Priyanka has been shooting for the movie in the rich and verdant Sigiriya rainforest of Sri Lanka with southern actor Nitin for the movie. The shoot hasn’t been an easy one in such primitive conditions. “A lot of things happened with me during the shooting – like my ankle injury, elbow injury, then so many scratches, insect bites, et al. It’s a part and parcel of a film like this,” she says bravely, “Apart from the injuries, there were other problems as well. The hotel we were staying in was surrounded by wild animals. You never knew when a snake might enter your room. The biggest threat was from wild elephants. A lot of times we had to change our route to avoid them.”

Priyanka has been away from Bollywood for a while – why is that? “It’s not like I was hiding anywhere,” she explains, “I wanted to step back and analyse myself and my performance. I took a small break to work on my skills including my dialogue delivery, dancing & acting, etc and prepare myself well for future endeavours. I don’t want to end up doing stupid films and I just love improving myself.”

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