Priyanka Kothari’s Weird Experiences

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Bengali actress Priyanka Kothari, currently starring in Agyaat, would love to meet a ghost – even though she doesn’t believe in them. However, she says the shooting for Agyaat was bedeviled with bad luck. “As soon as I entered the jungle, I broke my ankle which was followed by the broken leg of one of the crew members,” she explains. Soon after that, one of the camerapersons got an electric shock with the result that the camera was lost in the river water nearby.”

After a bumpy start, Priyanka’s career is finally beginning to take root, due partly to her hot promo number for Agyaat. She admits, however, that her time spent shooting for the movie in the rainforests of Sri Lanka was not the happiest time of her life.”I was living with 10 lizards and five frogs in my room,” she explains, “One day a monkey entered my room and stole my jewellery box. I guess one Sri Lankan monkey is very rich today!”

Priyanka, who is a Chemistry graduate, is also successfully maintaining her career down south and can be seen this week in Puneeth Rajkumar’s latest movie, Raj – The Showman.

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