Priyanka launches the music for her new movie with the real Mary Kom

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On August 13th, Priyanka Chopra launched the music for her upcoming film Mary Kom and Mary Kom was there! Also there was producer Sanjay Leela Bhansali and director Omang Kumar.

With music by Shashi – Shivamm and lyrics by Prashant Ingole and Sandeep Singh. According to director Kumar each song he chose reflects various parts of Mary Kom’s life perfectly.

At the event Priyanka sang Ziddi Dil and we also learned that the actress is on the OST as well singing a Hindi lullaby Chaoro.

She also revealed that the real Mary Kom loved the film, “Mary burst into tears after watching the film. I was in Turkey shooting Dil Dhadakne Do when I received Mary’s phone call and she sounded emotional.”

The movie begins in earnest by showing an incident that builds her interest in self-defence before showing her first interaction with a boxing gymnasium and coach and her entry into boxing. The movie then tells the story of her initial training, her struggle with a new sport, her immense dedication and will, her passion, while at the same time showing the immense struggle of balancing the needs of home and boxing and the additional sacrifices that she had to make to pay for her classes and equipment, all in the context of the poverty that was a constant in her early life.

The script builds up to the reasons for Mary’s first unsanctioned fight and the immense odds that she faces against a fancied opponent to win some money for her family. The script them engages with Mary’s relationship with the officialdom of the boxing federation and weaves in the challenges of that relationship into her burgeoning professional career in the larger context of Onler’s proposal and her decision to marry him and then giving birth to twins. Mary is shown balancing the demands of her training with the demands of her young children and how the balance is made possible by the unending attention of Onler, who learns to take care of the children under Mary’s supervision.

The story shows how the country writes her off and the pressures on her and her family to have her quit. And then it is shown how she makes a comeback and wins accolades, along with taking care of family and children.

Also starring Darshan Kumaar, Sunil Thapa, Minakkshi Kalitaa, Shishir Sharma and Zachary Coffin, Mary Kom hits theaters on September 5th!

The OST is out now!

Check out these cool pics from the event!

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