Priyanka says Nix to Nisha

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Nisha Kothari first caught our attention in James but has also made an impression in Aag, Sarkar and The Killer. Now, she’s returning to Kollywood where she made a big impact in Jay Jay. She will be replacing Malavika in the lead role for the much anticipated Karthigai.

Nisha is a Chemistry graduate and is also known as Amoha down south but her real name is Priyanka. Isn’t that a bit confusing? “Yes, and that’s why I want to be known only with my original name. I am Priyanka Kothari, and that’s how I would like everyone to address me as. I did this Tamil film in which my character was called Amoha and that’s how people call me by that name over there. But, I don’t want people to remember all those names now,” she says.

So….umm…Priyanka… seem a bit cagey about your next Bollywood projects? “I don’t want to or, rather, I cannot reveal anything right now,” she says, “But, I can tell you they are both different and interesting films.” They are Zabardast and Devdas.

Whatever she’s called, Priyanka/Nisha/Amoha is a hot new starlet on the Bollywood scene.

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