Priyanka says No to Pigging Out

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Priyanka Chopra a.k.a. Piggy Chops, has said no to a flick opposite current hunk Ranbir Kapoor. It seems that Chopra was told to put on an insane amount of weight for her role in the movie—a whole 20 kilos! Clearly an offer of a lifetime one would think, right? Negative. Chopra wasn’t eager to take on the role that required her to dump her svelte figure and pig out like her nickname perhaps suggests. So not only did say nay to the role, but to a big number that was written on the check for the fatty role.

Additionally, Chopra also had to say goodbye to the film because her Pyaar Impossible with Yashraj will require her to be in great shape; great enough to fit into yet another swimsuit post Dostana. The dates for both movies would run parallel and it would be awfully hard to remain chubby and silky slim simultaneously to feature in both films. And thus, Chopra waved ta-ta to the role.

Without a doubt, another actress will pick up the role and be more than happy to put on a pound or two…or twenty. But one can only wonder, considering Chopra’s mother has recently started her cosmetic spa, how hard would it be to shoot a few fat shots into Priyanka and help her fattify herself?

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