Priyanka Talks ‘Dostana’

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After her amazing performance in Fashion, Priyanka Chopra’s next release Dostana opens in theaters today. On the opposite side of the spectrum from Fashion, Dostana is a comedy that has Priyanka starring opposite Bobby Deol, John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan. Priyanka talked about all things Dostana to Joginder Tuteja and here are some highlights!

Priyanka revealed that she was ready to do the film as soon as she heard the narration, “I was sold the moment Tarun (Mansukhani) narrated the film to me. I didn’t have any apprehensions because Tarun was so clear in admitting this very basic fact to the world on screen. He wanted to bring things out of closed doors and make the world know that this too is a part of society around us.”

She said that she basis her decisions on which roles to play on many different factors and that the fact this was Mansukhani’s first film did not bother her at all. “You can’t pick a film thinking whether it would be a hit or not. How can you even do some calculations? Yes, you do assess the commercial viability of the subject but beyond that you have to leave it to the conviction of the director. And let me tell you that I wasn’t even thinking about Tarun being a debutant director here. I have worked with quite a few since I made my debut and while some of them have made fantastic films, some haven’t. But that can’t deter me from saying no to someone just because he/she hasn’t been entrusted with this responsibility before. Come on, someone gave me a first chance too!”

Though the film is a Karan Johar production Priyanka says that it was Mansukhani who was at the helm and she has nothing but admiration for the director, “Having Karan around is great but Dostana is Tarun’s baby all the way. It is written and directed by him and knows the subject inside out while Karan hardly came on the film’s sets. Moreover, I myself come with so many questions while working on a film and sometimes it can become really testing times for the directors. Still, Tarun braved all of it and answered all my questions. That shows his understanding, commitment and conviction.”

Dostana is a commercial film but it is not your average “candy floss” romcom. “At the end of the day it is mainstream cinema and it has to be interesting. Dostana is not a random candy floss entertainer. Since the film has been made for commercial audience, it has to tell an engaging story. Here things turn really different. That’s because when I interact with the characters played by Abhi and John, it gives a different dimension to a man-woman relationship. It’s really fun because I am there with these two guys who are supposed to be in a romcom relationship of their own,” she explained.

She went on to say that though it is mainly a comedy there are also some deeper emotional elements as well, “But then yes, there are moments where you get a lump in your throat. There is some softness in heart that comes on and just like there are some ups and downs in every feel good entertainer, the same is the case with Dostana too.”

Sadly though she would not reveal the twist in the kahani only saying, “ Watch the film!”

So be sure and watch the film and see whom she ends up with, we know we will be! Check back to see our review of the film!

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