Priyanka Tones Up for Role in Fashion

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Priyanka Chopra has been working hard not only on her films but also on her body for her role as a model in Fashion. Contrary to reports that she was asked to lose a lot of weight, she says she has not been starving herself, only working on toning up her body.

Priyanka said, “No, nobody has told me to do anything for the role in Fashion. Madhur Bhandarkar and I share great rapport. He didn’t ask me to lose weight for the character. It’s the silliest story I’ve heard about myself in a long time…. on a par with the one about me being in Sydney with Harman Baweja for the New Year when I was actually shooting an ad in Bangkok.”

“I always like to work on my character. That’s why I work on one film at a time. For Fashion I opted for a toned body. I went on a health-conscious diet, though I didn’t cut down on my food or anything. And I’ll be using the same physique for my film with Karan Johar,” she added.

Though she is working on her body it is not about getting too thin. “It isn’t about getting thin at all. It’s just about toning my body. I don’t think you need to be reed-thin to be beautiful. I think Indian women look terrible when they try to get anorexic. We (Indian women) are naturally healthy. And by that I don’t mean voluptuous.

“But, yes, we’ve been given a certain kind of figure. We’re well proportioned and aesthetically endowed in all the right places. And by getting exceptionally thin, we’re going against nature,” Priyanka said.

Kangana Ranaut, who co-stars along with Priyanka in the film, has a very thin frame and Priyanka says laughingly, “Yes, but she loves her food. She just has her own individual body type. Kangana and I share plenty of health tips. We got along really well. I really think she’s sweet.

“When Madhur decided to cast Kangana, I was so happy. She really suits her part. So, the other story that really bugs is that we’re fighting over scenes in Fashion. On the contrary we’ve a lot of fun together.”

This toned look will be carried over in her next film for Karan Johar that also stars John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan. About that film Priyanka revealed, “It’s set on the beach of Miami. Imagine two months on the sun and sand and so the toned body would be just what the dietician ordered. But, sorry, I don’t get into a bikini for Karan’s film.”

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