Priyankaa Signs Three-Movie Deal

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Fast-rising regional actress Priyankaa is moving closer to Bollywood with a three-film deal that sees her on course to make movies in Marathi. Demonstrating her range of talents, the movies will be a family comedy, a costume drama and a suspense thriller. “The films will have a multi-lingual approach with added dialogues in Hinglish to give them a larger appeal,” says a spokesman.

Priyankaa had a shock recently when her latest music video, “You’re The One”, was interrupted by rats running across the floor. The video was being shot in an old dilapidated building when the music disturbed the nest of rats and sent them scurrying, sending Priyankaa screaming. The shoot had to be suspended for three hours whilst the spot boys handled the problem.

Doing her patriotic bid, Priyankaa recently took part in an open-top bus tour of Worli in Mumbai exhorting her fellow citizens to vote. “I am proud to be part of the Red FM 93.5 Vote Karo Ya Karwaun campaign,” she explains, “All of us should go out and exercise our franchise. We must vote for a better, stronger India.”

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