Problems Continue for Salman and Veer

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Salman Khan and controversies go hand in hand. Be it Sallu’s films, his girlfriends or even his cars; all some how manage to get him in trouble and under the media limelight.

The year kicked off no differently for Sallu. His dream project Veer put him in a roller coaster ride. Having written the story himself, Veer definitely is close to Salman’s heart.

It all started when reports came out that Salman had differences with director Anil Sharma. However, neither of the two were willing to talk about it so the truth remained unknown. Reports have also claimed that the dubbing of the film has gone haywire because of the last minute changes in the script. Then the incident at Hyderabad took place, during the promotion of the film, where the crowd went out of control to see their sweetheart.

The controversies even continued after the release of the film when, on January 25th, The Delhi High Court issued notices to production house Eros International Pvt Ltd and actor Salman Khan on a complaint of copyright violation.

Later a writer claimed that the story and dialogues were taken from his book and claimed for the credits. Author Pavan Choudhary filed a lawsuit against the film, alleging that some concepts of the film have been taken from his book “Trilogy of Wisdom”. Choudary said in his petition that he had earlier sent a legal notice to the film’s makers to not to use his concept, but they went ahead with the release. Salman, however, rubbished off all these claims and allegations in an interview.

The latest controversy buzzing around Veer is the one with the Rajputs protesting against the movie and allegedly blaming Salman and the producers of Veer for hurting the “Rajput” sentiments. “We found certain dialogues in the film deprecating for the Rajput community. We are not going to tolerate this,” said Ajit, a member of Karni Sena. The group apparently has reservations against the line, ‘Gaddari to maine rajputo se hi seekhi hai,’ which Salman, a Pindari warrior in the film, says to Jackie Shroff, who plays a Rajput king.

Interestingly, city cinema buffs in the city feel that it is nothing more than a publicity gimmick.

Although the film had an insignificant collection at the box-office, it surely got ample controversies to add on to Sallu’s controversial status.

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