Producer’s Strike is On, No New Releases

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Seems it will be at least a month before audiences in India will be able to get their Bollywood fix at the big multiplex theaters. A fight has been brewing for a while with film producers threatening to stop releases of all new films because they have not been able to come to agreement with theater owners. The issue is revenue sharing with the producers demanding 50% of the take no matter how the film performs, however the multiplex owners want the old system of 40-48% depending whether the film does well or not. The strike began today and will last at least for a month perhaps more.

Speaking to PTI Mukhesh Bhatt, Chairman of the United Forum for Bollywood Producers and Distributors said, “Our demands are just, we want equal shares in profit sharing which is the norm all over the world. The situation is not in our hands and we will proceed with the strike as planned.” Adding, “Producers and distributors have been compelled to go on strike with a heavy heart.”

Shravan Shroff, Managing Director, Fame India Limited said about the stand off, “We are ready to pay more to the producers but their films must do well at the box office. If your film becomes a hit, take more. If not, take less. I think we are making a very reasonable demand. Ours is a computerised system. Every ticket sold is accounted for, and every producer knows how his film is doing at the box office, even in the middle of the night. So we feel it is a very fair system.”

It seems the producers are all set to stand firm, “So strong has been the outlook of producers towards the entire issue, rightly so, that there are no promos of any upcoming movie which is currently on air. This means that the makers are more than 100 percent convinced that the stand-off is not expected to end before the month of May begins,” states a distributor to the Hindu newspaper.

Talks are still ongoing and here is the hope that the issue will resolve soon but until then we will have to wait and watch. We will keep you updated on this developing story so check back at everyday.

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