Product Review: Eyeliner

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I hope you all enjoyed my last article about applying eyeliner and now that you all know how to do it, you can read about several different liners and decide which one is best for you.

Liquid Eyeliner

Avon Eyewriter
This liquid liner has a thin, felt tip which makes it easy to draw thin lines. It isn’t waterproof, but the color lasts for a good eight hours. However, after constant use, the felt tip begins to disintegrate, causing thin strands of felt to dangle off the end and interfere with application.
Rating 3/5

Maybelline New York Liquid Eyeliner
Coming in various shades such as black, grey, and brown, this liner happens to be waterproof. With a felt tip, it faces the same problems as the Avon Eyewriter after regular use. However, the applicator is too thick, making thin lines virtually impossible.
Rating 2/5

L’oreal Paris Lineur Intense
Out of my three liquid eyeliners, this one is the most unique and my favorite. It too has a felt tip; however, L’oreal incorporated new technology making this one resistant to disintegration. It isn’t waterproof and comes in three colors: Black Mica, Earthen Rock, and my favorite, Mineral, a dark charcoal grey with gold sparkles.
Rating 4/5

Pencil Eyeliner

Avon Dual Definition Lipliner & Eyeliner Duo
While it’s nice to have a 2-in-1 product, the quality of this liner is lacking. It comes in Cosmic Brown, a chocolate color; unfortunately, the color doesn’t last very long and it finds its way into the creases around my eyes within three or four hours. Also, the tip is very thick, making thin lines difficult to achieve.
Rating 1.5/5

Avon Waterproof Glimmersticks
In a world dominated by black and brown eyeliners, it’s refreshing to see bright colors, which is what this product provides. I have it Skymist Blue, a metallic sky blue with sparkle, and Starry Night Blue, a dark blue with shimmer, but it also comes in blacks, browns, greens and pinks. They really brighten up your eyes and make them stand out.
Rating 4/5

Styli-Style Line & Seal
Another refreshing burst of color, silver, is to be found in this liner. While it comes in various other colors, I prefer silver because of its uniqueness. This product is waterproof, and application is easy. While the tip is a little on the thick side, it isn’t a issue if you buy a color like silver, thick lines only adding to the effect.
Rating 3/5

Revlon Soft Stroke Powder Liner
While the name suggests a powder, the liner is actually a pencil. I have it in Iced Gold, and unfortunately I don’t have a review for this product because the tip fell apart the second I pressed it to my lid. Too powdery I guess.
Rating Unavailable

Maybelline New York Line Stylist
This is by far my favorite eyeliner. It comes in a variety of colors such as Black Sparkle, Espresso, Sapphire Glimmer, Jade Flash, Plum Shimmer, and more. The tip is very small, making both thin and thick lines very easy. It isn’t waterproof, but it doesn’t budge once you put it on. It’ll come off easily with soap and water.
Rating 5/5

And of course, if these are too fancy for your liking, there’s always Hashmi Kajol.

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