Promotion Problems with Karma Aur Holi

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The much awaited Karma Aur Holi is finally on the brink of release and has landed itself into a bit of murky waters. Actress Sushmita Sen, who is part of the ensemble cast, has gone on record to say that the movie is “not a dignified film.” She has demanded that her bedroom scenes with ex-boyfriend and co-star Randeep Hooda be deleted and additionally, will not be a part of the promotion if Hooda is in the vicinity.

Randeep Hooda, actor of the film, went on to tell Hindustan Times, “If you don’t want to promote the film, don’t promote it, but don’t go out of your way to badmouth the film…It’s highly unethical and absolutely unprofessional.” Hooda went on to further claim that by speaking out about the film in such fashion, she is actually indirectly promoting the film even more. Hooda is extremely confused as Sen had supposedly encouraged him to be a part of the promotion for the film before she decided to completely opt out herself.

The movie has a varied star cast including the likes of Naomi Campbell, Suchitra Krishnamurti, Deepal Shaw, Vikram Chatwal, and Rati Agnihotri. While the movie has been ready for release for a while now, it is now scheduled to release on March 6th.

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