Purab Kohli Rocks with White Sharks

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Akshay Kumar swimming with sharks is old news now. But Purab Kolhi getting up close and personal with a great white shark sure is!

Not many know that Purab Kohli is a trained deep sea diver with hours of practice behind him. But this time the “Killer Drummer” decided to meet a killer of the literal kind! Recently the Rock On!! star decided to take a plunge for some action deep down, on his visit to South Africa. “As I always wanted to see the great white. It’s a long time dream I decided to do something different, and went for this special tour. Soon I found myself in a cage which was attached to the boat. They put out a bait of flesh and blood and before we knew it I was surrounded by these gigantic creatures about 15 feet long! As they drew close to the bait, the bait was pulled closer to me. Needless to say the sharks followed,” recounts Purab with is trademark grin.

“Soon the great white hungry shark was barely 12 inches away from me and when she bit into that piece of meat I could see her saw-like teeth in full close up! So there I was, suspended in a cage deep down in the blue sea while this giant creature had lunch right next to my face! It was the most thrilling and scary moment of my life.”

“She was so beautiful and scary at the same time. The shark was so close to me, it seemed she could kill me in a single bite with that jagged line of teeth. I am definitely looking forward to doing this again and recommend it to all,” ends Purab Kohli with excitement in his voice.

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