Pyaar Impossible

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While the recent music releases have managed to raise the bar to a new high, Pyaar Impossible simply fails to get even near that height. Keeping in mind the composer Salim-Sulaiman previous works and the expectations generally one has with the music of Yash Raj Films, the sound track simply falls flat unfortunately. The movie stars Uday Chopra who has been on and off as far as the silverscreen is concerned, but this time he also manages to practise a little of his writing skills as the film’s writer and incidentally, the producer too (Seems like KRK of Deshdrohi fame had quite an impact on him). The glamorous Priyanka Chopra stars opposite Uday Chopra and looks ravishing in promos. The movie is directed by Uday’s all time favourite person Jugal Hansraj and is slated for release on the 8th of Januray 2010.

The soundtrack has both lesser known and well names desperately trying hard to live up to the intended teenage, vibrant and glossy feel of the music. Other than Vishal Dadlani, Anushka Manchanda, Dominique Crezo and Salim Merchant himself, the other singers Neha Bhasin, Benny Dayal, Naresh Kamat, Mahua Kamat and Rishika Sawant are not used to their full potential. The album has five tracks and two remix tracks done by Abhijit Vaghani. All the songs are written by Anvita Dutt Guptan.

Our Rating

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