R Madhavan’s incredible transformation for Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

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As we told you yesterday the impressive actor R Madhavan is not only making his debut directorial film, he is also starring in the space flick titled Rocketry: The Nambi Effect. The film follows the incredible story of the mind behind ISRO’s project of making India numero uno in the space satellite market, ISRO scientist Nambi Narayan.

Rocketry has been a passion project for R Madhavan who not only worked on the script for three and a half years but also on his look for two and a half years. His transformation into the character is perfect.

Talking about his look says R Madhavan, “The process took painfully long…about 2 days of sitting on a chair for 14 hours at a stretch. Initially it looked easy but later I realized how tough it was on the body.”

He adds, “The look is definitely half the battle won but the other half was really really tough because the age group I’m playing is around 70-75 . Mr. Nambi is a very good looking man and he has got his own charm and charisma so it took me around 2 and a half years to actually imbibe him and learn how to walk like him.It wasn’t easy and it’s probably one of the toughest looks and characters I’ve had to pull off.”

While everyone on the set couldn’t stop raving about Madhavan’s look as Mr Narayanan and with the uncanny resemblance, the biggest encouragement came from Nambi Narayanan himself. Reveals R Madhavan, “Nambi sir couldn’t stop laughing and getting amused by my look.T here are so many pictures on the set that it looks almost eerie how similar we both look.”

ROCKETRY: The Nambi Effect will be a trilingual in English, Hindi and Tamil and was shot across India, Princeton, Scotland, France and Russia. The film is slated for a 2019 worldwide release.

Here are some pictures!

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