Ra One vs. Raavan

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Strangely, the already released Abhishek Bachchan Raavan sounds similar to the upcoming Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra. One. SRK found himself in a bit of a fuddle when his fans were initially confused between the titles. Besides the spelling, plot and star casts, there is of course the difference in stories. Ra. One is science fiction film while Raavan was a more contemporary version of the epic tale.

While the plot has not yet been revealed, the details that are known about the film are far and few. The star cast houses Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal who support SRK of course. Bebo and SRK were last seen romantically paired together in 2001 for Asoka. You can be sure it will also include a number of life-defying stunts and a special effects team is being hired and flown down from Hollywood especially for the film. Currently shooting in London, the film is all set to hit cinemas in early 2011.

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