Ra.One’s Chammak Challo leaked on the internet

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Ra.One is one of the most, if not THE most, awaited film of the year. Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal the sci-fi superhero film was directed by Anubhav Sinha.

While we have to wait until Diwali for the film to release, the producers started warming up the audience during the Cricket World Cup and IPL by showing a 10 second and a 30 second trailer!

Every step of promotion is well thought out as to when, how and where the promotional materials of the film will be shown. Shah Rukh Khan recently announced on video that he will release a 60 second theatrical trailer soon. And then suddenly someone had other plans for them…

On Sunday Ra.One’s item number ‘Chammak Challo’, sung by non other than American rapper Akon was leaked all over the internet. The news spread like a hot fire and the track was given rave reviews. Of course, it then reached Eros Entertainment, who took immediate action and had the video removed from Youtube, but the damage was already done. By Monday morning the song was hot and happening on Facebook, Twitter and every other Social Networking site and even a simple Google search shows how many mp3 versions are currently roaming the net.

‘Chammak Challo’ has the potential of being a chartbuster. It is already playing on several foreign radio stations. The song is catchy, has Punjabi beats and will surely be hot with today’s youth. The song is wonderfully sung by Akon and in Hindi no less. He does an outstanding job with handling the Hindi lyrics and especially sounds very cute when he sings/pronounces the line: Aa meri akhiyon se akhiyan mila le.

There was a lot of speculation on the net if the song was deliberately released by the producers. Akon’s album Stadium is up for release and if we may believe the rumours, then ‘Chammak Challo’ is part of that album.

According to the director, “The Chhammak Chhallo leak.what you heard is only the first scratch. If you love this I wonder what will happen when you hear the real thing…”

Shah Rukh Khan will be in Chandigarh on the 1st of June to promote Ra.One and from what we hear to release the newest trailer. Hopefully he will speak about the leak and when he does you will read all about it here at BollySpice.

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