Raajneeti Reactions

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Raajneeti may be making waves at the box office and amongst audiences, but some B-town folks have mixed feelings regarding the film. Some critics have deemed the film as, “so much so that you don’t know what’s gonna happen next. It keeps you awed at the constant turn of events.” Other’s haven’t been so kind. “Mammoth Raajneeti migraine. Review tomorrow, but for now all I can say is this ain’t getting my vote, baby,” tweeted one reviewer.

Koel Purie went on to tweet the following about the film, “Kat delivers in Raajneeti. Also it’s entirely inspired frm Mahabharata, there are no good guys, all dark as hell. Really enjoyed but for length. We hadn’t witnessed such events in real life either first hand or via media. Too long though, unnecessary masala subplots ridiculous esp Ajay Devgn’s.” Her feelings demonstrating a completely mixed attitude towards the film.

Irrespective, however, the film seems to be working at the box office with it opening to house full boards all over the country. The film has gotten the biggest opening of 2010 thus far. Not only did Raajneeti release to fewer screens compared to Housefull and Kites, but even if it meant to be compared to 3 Idiots, this would be unfair as the film opened on a holiday weekend with Monday being a day off. To the films advantage, there is no other film releasing in the upcoming weekend giving Raajneeti 14 days to rule and reign at the box office before the release of Raavan.

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