Raaz – The Mystery Continues

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As the title suggests, Raaz- The Mystery Continues is not your happy-go-lucky love story; it is a mystery with a very dark edge to it. Produced by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt and directed by Mohit Suri, the film stars Emraan Hashmi, Adhyayan Suman, and Kangana Ranaut. The music director was Raju Singh, and, along with his own compositions, the album also includes songs by Sharib and Toshi, Pranay M. Rijia, and Gourov Dasgupta with lyrics by Sayeed Quadri and Kumaar. Singh chose well, because the album is a very good mix of songs that not only have the thriller mood needed for the film but some lighter songs as well.

First, let’s take a look at Soniyo with music by Raju Singh and lyrics by Kumaar. The song starts with English lyrics and you think, oh no. I have not figured out why English lyrics always seem to sound silly in Hindi songs, because they don’t in English songs, but the truth is that the English lyrics typically use trite sayings that stick out like a sore thumb and take the song down. It happens once again on this track. It is really too bad, because they are sung very nicely by Neeraj Sridhar, but somehow they just sound like they would be better in Hindi, but enough of my rant. Once Sonu Nigam comes in you say, ahhh, yes, and you love the song. He sings with great feeling and really makes the song. Shreya Ghosal is wonderful in her small part. The music is very pretty but nothing outstanding, it is Sonu’s vocal that is the highlight of the song. If you can ignore the English lyrics then put this one replay and chill out.

A second version, Soniyo (From The Heart) with vocals by Krishna is completely different from its sister track. It has a very sweet guitar and the music is soothing and melodious. Krishna puts a lot of feeling into his vocals and I love his rendition. His voice alone with the acoustic guitar is my favorite part. This is a beautiful love song, the arrangement is terrific, and the meshing of his voice and the instruments is lovely. One to add to your favorites!

Maahi, which has been a hit since the first song promo, has vocals by Toshi. He, along with Sharib, composed the music. The track has a very eerie beginning but then becomes an eclectic mix of sounds. The music then transforms into a modern beat but has that underlying eerie tone in the backup chorus. The vocal by Toshi is outstanding; he has this wonderful tone that is perfect for this song. The meri maahi refrain is a great hook and you will find it going through your head; in fact it is going through mine right now. There are lots of voices and lots of beats but they are mixed perfectly together. His voice is definitely the thing that stands out. This is one song to just turn up and enjoy.

There is also a rock version of Maahi, once again sung by Toshi. Though I liked it, I really wish the vocal and music had been slowed down. The whole thing feels forced – you lose the marvelous inflection in his voice that is heard on the original. The music is a full rock jam, and is very good, but the song ends up being only OK because there is no power; it is somehow all lost in the frantic pace. For me, the perfect version of Maahi would be the vocals on the original and the music slowed down from the rock version.

KK is heard on the wonderful O Janna. He is fantastic here, and attacks the vocal with strong and sharp inflection. The harmony on the O Jaana refrain is too cool. It is dance track with a very strong beat. Unfortunately, the sound mixing allows the back up beat to sometimes overpower KK, for although the music is good it is his vocal that gives the song its greatness. It should be interesting to see what accompanies this track on screen. The remix by DJ Suketu is very electronic and KK’s strong vocal and the rhythm of the lyrics do not mesh with that synth beat. Skip it.

Kaisa Ye Raaz Hai, with music by Pranay M. Rijia, is another fantastic track by KK. This song has the singer in both his smooth ballad and strong rock avatars and he is fab on both. The Western rock flavored music has a very full sound but it also has a very simple piano line running throughout. There are a lot of musical changes but they transition perfectly and the song is wonderful from beginning to end. There is an uncredited female solo voice that is gorgeous and adds a bit of a spookier edge to the song. KK again stands out, and the music backs him up brilliantly. Be sure and listen to this one!

Bandaa Re is sung by Krishna with music by Gourov Dasgupta. There is a very, very haunting beginning. The song then transforms into an Indian track that has a religious feeling but also keeps that sinister edge in tone. The arrangement is excellent and Krishna’s voice is perfect for the track.

Some of the songs do remind you that the film is a thriller, so be prepared! Throughout the album there are some very eerie tones that makes you want to know what frightening thing is going to be happening on screen (or if you are a scaredy cat like me and Kangana, not want to know – for Kanaga’s thoughts on scary movies see our interview with her!) The Bhatts know good music and they have shown their good ear once again with this album. Each song on this soundtrack is excellent in its own right and together they make an album that is definitely one to add to your Bolly playlist!

Our Rating

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