Radhikka Madan talks about her career including breaking boundaries in cinema plus her friendship with Sara Ali Khan

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In a recent interview, actress Radhikka Madan offered a glimpse into her mindset, career choices, and personal values, revealing a refreshing approach to her craft and life and we have the details!

Madan, known for her versatile roles in Bollywood including Kuttey, shared her philosophy on selecting projects, emphasizing her desire to inhabit diverse characters, “The question that I always ask myself is why do I wanna act? It’s because I wanna live different lives. I get bored with just living Radhikka’s life. The more different the character, the more intrigued I am. It should scare me, and that’s the exact roles I pick up. If I see a part and I start having doubts whether I’ll be able to do it or not, I make sure that I do it just so that I can challenge myself. So I chase things that really scare me.”

Expanding on that she revealed, “For my first film, I played a 17-year-old girl to a 32-year-old with a kid. We had to gain so much weight to look the part. Right after that, I was in Angrezi Medium where I was actually a 17-year-old and then I got bored with that kind of character so I did Kuttey or Sajini Shinde or Shiddat when I wanted to experience the kind of passion and love. So it’s always about what I’m feeling at that particular time, but I don’t like playing the same character twice. When I was doing Patakha, I was getting offers for all village girl kinda roles, and same when I was doing Angrezi Medium, I kept getting offered childish roles. But if I am not inclined towards a certain role, I am brutally honest and decline it.”

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Madan values financial independence deeply, attributing her work ethic to her upbringing in a humble yet privileged family. She explained, “We were brought up in a very humble family where we didn’t know how much we had even if our family was privileged. Our parents really instilled such incredible values about hard work, respect, and inclusivity that financial independence came naturally to me. It was my mother who put this thought into a very young age and the importance of making my own money in my head. That it was really necessary for me to have an income and identity of my own.”

In addition to her professional journey, Madan opened up about her friendship with fellow actress Sara Ali Khan. She said, “Sara and I met at a round table for debutants where she had come for Kedarnath, and I had gone for Patakha, and we immediately clicked. So we don’t speak every day, but whenever we do, we start right from where we had left. She is very spiritual and sensitive on the inside, and I love that part of her, any that is where we connected.”

Up next for the actress is the newly announced Akshay Kumar project Sarfira.

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