Rahul Bose Raising Canadian Climate Change Awareness

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Things are going to be a little bit hotter than usual in British Columbia for a few days this month. No, not from any global warming, but from Indian indie king Rahul Bose! CanadianImmigrant.ca reports that the star of The Whisperers is traveling to Vancouver in his role as Oxfam ambassador. While there, he’ll raise awareness about climate change among the city’s thriving South Asian population.

During the brief engagement, set to run 21-23 October, Rahul will speak in several locations, informing attendees about how to effectively urge politicians to pass climate-friendly legislation. An inhabitant of the Solomon Islands, Christina Ora, will accompany the actor and share how climate change has affected her home.

Of course, social activism is nothing new for Mr. Bose—he’s well known for championship of causes such as child rights, gender equality, and communal harmony in addition to climate change. It’s little wonder that three such diverse organizations as Oxfam Canada, Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society, and Climate Action Network Canada are sponsoring his Canadian visit. Graham Saul, the executive director of Climate Action Network Canada, said, “South Asian Canadians are a very politically active community and crucial to applying the necessary pressure on Canadian politicians to take meaningful action on climate change. Mr. Bose is the perfect ambassador to share this message.”

Here’s hoping Rahul’s message gets great results, in Canada and elsewhere.

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