“Rahul Mahajan got scared and ran” – Zulfi Syed

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Zulfikar Syed (that’s Zulfi to you) can definitely be defined as one India’s most hottest and popular models. After winning the Gladrags Manhunt in 1997, you may have seen him on the telly in numerous music videos followed by his debut into the film world with Pyasa opposite ex Miss India Yukta Mookhey. In 2005, he graced the screens with his enactment of Prince Khurram in the epic film Taj Mahal which snatched him rave reviews. Recently, he entered the Bigg Boss 2 house as a contestant and his smart tactics landed him in the top three finalists.

Zulfi is a man of few words and will give it to you as he sees it. When Bollyspice caught up with him, it was four days past the disastrous Mumbai Terror Attacks and Zulfi was all about peace, “It’s a bad scene,” he begins. “But Mumbai will be back in action soon.” Getting back to some more memorable times, he is content about finishing third, “I think I came out with a lot of dignity.” He says, and frankly we couldn’t agree more. Walking into the Bigg Boss house was not a piece of cake, he takes us on a brief journey “It was hard because you are left in a house with a lot of different people so it really takes a lot to stand your ground and remain sane.” Looking at the variety of people who was thrown into the house, he quickly agrees, “Yes, it was very different from last season.” He also gained the title of being the household psychic, his take on how he came up with these predictions, “I studied everyone and made good judgments,” he explains. “I have no innate psychic powers.” The most popular words that have erupted from the household were ‘planning and plotting.’ As a reminder, the crew was not allowed to gang up on a particular housemate and plot to throw them out; however, such was not the case. They were punished on occasion for going against the house rules however, still continued with their conspiracy. “I was never a part of it,” Zulfi clarifies.

So spill the beans, we ask, Bigg Boss is scripted right? “No, its not,” Everyone had a purpose to achieve and reason for coming into the house, “Well, I just wanted to see if I could live without my basic amenities, my family and friends. I think I achieved what I came to do.” More than anything, Zulfi has gained a lot popularity and self-respect within his fans. However, his fans, more than anyone else’s were shocked at the only calm collected personality to jump the wall with the rest of the gentlemen. “Well, I was last to jump,” He says to his defense, “It was hard because it had come to the end of the show. Plus, there was peer pressure from the rest of the boys.” Point noted. And his take on Rahul Mahajan’s so-called charitable exit? “It wasn’t charitable by any means. He got scared and ran.” He says. And we now learn that Zulfi has a humorous side too. Gushing yet girls?

One facet of the Bigg Boss house, purely for entertainment normally, is temporary linkups that form between the boys and girls in the house. However, no romance this time round for this heartthrob. “I didn’t connect with any of the girls in the house.” He is quick to answer. He must have missed the outside world as being locked up in the confinements of four walls is never easy of course. “I missed my family and friends most.” This definitely explains why the wall-jumping incident made him go weak in the knees. Zulfi is only an actor on screen displaying a range of expressions and emotions. In the house, we saw a quiet, subdued, non-interfering person, “I am like that outside too.” This season’s group created quite a few outrageous dramaful scenes making the audiences believe it was all for TRP (Television Rating) purposes, “But Bigg Boss was scripted, so what was the reason for creating such scenes for TRP intentions.” He informs us. When asked what he thought of Ashutosh Kaushik being the winner, “The audiences votes so this is their decision.” It really is hard to get any controversial answers from this honest actor. Okay so a simple question, his favorite task in the house? “Making diyas! I never thought I would ever make diya’s so that was a lot of fun,” he says happily. Any advice to next season’s contestants from the ex-housemate? “Just be yourself!” he says frankly.

So what is next on the plate for him. “I’m currently reading some scripts. Looking for some good roles.” He signs off with a quick message for his fans, “Thank you for your love and support.” He says. And with that he is off. We have already bid adieu to this season’s Bigg Boss 2, but Zulfi has definitely taken with him a great group of ardent fans. We wish him all the best in his endeavors and every success in the future.

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