Raising your children abroad

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So you want to raise your child abroad?

Many Asian and Middle Eastern families believe the most successful way to raise their child is to raise them back home. Not only will this enhance our ability to speak our native language, but because of the cultural surroundings, children will become accustomed with living a traditional lifestyle.

But who is to say a child is affected by his or her environment?

Stereotypical individuals say children living abroad become decadent. They lose their cultural and moral values and begin living a westernized lifestyle. In several cases there have been instances where an American or British Asian/Middle Eastern teenager from our generation has snuck out the house to go clubbing and get boozed up. A teen back home can commit the same act; however, seeing that the governments of most Middle Eastern countries consider alcohol and the nightlife an immoral act, they are never accessible. Although in places like the U.S. or Canada, you don’t always see a gang of perverted men sitting across your house waiting for ‘hot meat’ to walk by as you would in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. In some cases, families have shifted to western countries years ago when the South-Asian nations were more dignified and didn’t care much for becoming advanced. Therefore, the NRI’s around the world today hold a greater amount of respect for their background and amplify that same respect onto their children.

There are two types of education: scholastic and cultural. Religion is a large analysis as to why being raised back home would be recommended by many. Most countries have one, maybe two major religious beliefs and because they are practiced daily by the entire country, a strong faith remains amongst children.

“Frankly, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have higher standards of education. What you learn there in the 4th grade is taught here in 8th; education is definitely better there even though it’s harder,” says 18-year-old Satinder Kaur from California. It’s a shame with this strict yet sharp education provided, the western population is making more money, living in better homes, and is considered more successful overall. Regardless if we have the best of the best knowledge in our native country, once we come to U.S., UK, or Canada our salaries will always remain higher.

I would say practically all Middle Eastern and South-Asian countries are suffering from poverty. The air isn’t exactly so fresh and so clean and diseases spread with ease. Any decent parent would rather raise their child in an immaculate environment such as Canada or America.

In a recent poll taken from the adolescence of assorted countries, 7 out of 10 teenagers prefer being brought up or raising their child in countries such as U.S., Canada, and UK.

At the end of the day, regardless of where a person is being raised, it is up to the parents to instill values into them. Arrogant and ungracious children are not only an issue in western societies, but it is a universal problem. It depends on the amount of effort a parent is willing to put into their child.

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